OMG! MySpace!

2008-06-03 20:17:01 by Yungfoo

I have a new band MySpace, check it out here. Add us and leave some comments. Show your support and tell your friends. Also, lots of new music here on NG, have a look.

OMG! MySpace!

Lol vote 5.

New Flash.

2008-05-13 02:19:16 by Yungfoo

Vote 5 or be cursed forever.

ZOMG! New choons.

2008-04-19 00:18:48 by Yungfoo

Check it out + vote 5. It's failing epicly.

ZOMG! New Flash!

2008-04-18 23:49:43 by Yungfoo

Have a look.


Check out my sexy new userpage makeover. OMG MAKEOVER!
Also check my sick new electro house loopy choon.
Yay! Comments?

DNB Double Dose!

2008-04-13 16:16:15 by Yungfoo

Woo! 2 new DNB songs, go check them out now!

DNB Double Dose!

Exciting news!

2008-03-29 16:12:10 by Yungfoo

I've heard Sony are releasing this sick new fromat called Betamax! It has almost double the quality of VHS and 70,000,000,000 times the storage of a dual-layer Blu-Ray disc. Come 2009 Sony Betamax player/recorders will be standard in every PS3. Even more exciting rumors include Minidisc support for the X360 and VHS support for the Gamecube!
Also there is a picture of the sxc preloader for my latest Flash movie.

Exciting news!

Hey Doods!

2008-03-01 14:58:18 by Yungfoo

I has 50 million tonnes of new music.
It would be wise for you to check it out.